My Visit To The Gran Canyon

One of the best trips Ive had so far. We were able to visit my daughter in Arizona in April and she drove us to The Gran Canyon and WOW!!!! It was amazing, all of it, the sight, the weather, everything fell in place and we had a great time. I don't think the pictures I've seen on magazines or movies give this amazing place justice. This is just something that needs to be seen in person cherish its beauty. I am grateful I was able to see what God has created and I was so intrigued by it. Here I share a little of what I was able to capture with my lens.


Mathew's Big One Session

I had the pleasure of photographing this handsome little fella. There was such an amazing set up for me, from the background to the display of pictures. The cake and the area for the gifts, oh my goodness Sarahy everything was so cute. You did an awesome job. 

Genesis Big Day

It was a pleasure shooting this special day for such a beautiful young lady. Quinceañeras are a full day of documenting from the morning time to sometimes late evenings but, I enjoy every second of it. I spend most of the day with the birthday girl making sure, I capture ever minute from her make over to the hairdo, the ceremony and then to parrrrrty..It's my joy to see so many smiling faces yes it is tiring and sometimes a little overwhelming but, very rewarding. Even more when my clients see their galleries, now that is satisfying and very well worth it. Happy Birthday Genesis it was awesome to be able to spend the day with you, thank you for trusting me to Capture your Unforgettable Memories:)


Bluebonnets are one of my favorite kind of sessions. The flowers typically peak in mid-April, but they should last through the end of April – and perhaps into early May if we’re lucky. Texans have long been fascinated by bluebonnets. In 1901, the Texas Legislature named the bluebonnet, a legume, the state flower and many say it got its name because it resembles a sunbonnet. The only thing about bluebonnet season is that it goes by very quick so you have to be on the look out for my announcement and book as soon as possible to get your memories captures.